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Hours of Operation


About DSTRESS Line

The Marine Corps DSTRESS Line is an anonymous Marine-to-Marine phone and chat support service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The line is staffed by veteran Marines, former Fleet Marine Force Navy Corpsmen, Marine spouses and family members, and licensed behavioral health counselors.  The goal of the DSTRESS Line is to help callers manage stress in all forms, ranging from relationship and career issues to deployment and financial problems, and develop the necessary skills required to cope with the widely-varying challenges of life in the Corps.


  • 24 hour phone, chat, and Skype line that provides counseling services from Marine to Marine and for Marine Corps family members
  • Help and intervention during crisis and suicidal thoughts
  • Spouses and children over the age of 18 can call at any time; children below the age of 18 can call if a parent is present and consents to the conversation
  • Works with callers in crisis to stabilize the situation, and then make the most appropriate referral for suitable treatment

DSTRESS Line provides services to active duty Marines and their beneficiaries.  If veterans/retirees or non-beneficiaries in a Marine’s extended family call, counselors will help assess the level of stress and stabilize the current crisis, and then refer the caller to the most appropriate resource (e.g., Vet Centers, VA hospitals, MilitaryOneSource, or other community resources).  Parents or other family members who are not beneficiaries should call the DSTRESS Line if it can help lead to increased resilience within the Marine family.

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