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Woods N Water

Woods N Water

About Woods N Water

Our team is dedicated to providing FREE services and activities designed for Veterans, active-duty military, and first responder

Our mission is to provide FREE services and activities designed for Veterans, active-duty military, and first responders. Through our structured activities, our Nation’s Heroes are provided with camaraderie through an environment easily identifiable as the familiar brotherhood/sisterhood that brings comfort to them during their period of service while also incorporating holistic and empirically-driven wellness methods shown to help reduce the impact of post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injuries, and other negative effects which may have come about from our Heroes honorable service.

Woods ~n~ Water prides itself as being one of the small numbers of organizations that provide services to not only the Heroes themselves, but to their family members and significant others as well. In many cases, these individuals are highly regarded and relied upon as a significant resource in the Hero’s inner circle of healing. The people chosen by the Hero are the most committed to the Hero’s healing and Woods ~n~ Water recognizes that the essential inclusion of this inner circle is one of the significant keys to successful reintegration and restoration. In most cases, the inner circle of the Hero may be experiencing struggles themselves, which are related to the Hero’s reintegration and restoration, and so Woods ~n~ Water purposefully links these inner circles with each other, providing an opportunity for an expanded healing network through our events and ongoing support.

In addition to the activities being held at various locations throughout the United States, the Woods ~n~ Water base is located on 7.3 acres in a rural area surrounded by farmland. This location provides a food pantry, therapy, therapeutic activities, and additional non-therapeutic services, including assistance with benefit applications such as VA service-connected benefits. Woods ~n~ Water coordinates with other professional organizations that provide therapeutic as well as non-therapeutic services.

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