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Warriors' Ascent

Warriors' Ascent
Warriors' Ascent
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About Warriors' Ascent

About Us

Warriors’ Ascent is founded and led by Veterans helping Veterans and other Warriors who have experienced their own moral injuries and have dedicated themselves to creating a path of healing for our nation’s veterans and first responders. With this growing community of support, we can help Veterans and First Responders overcome the feelings of isolation, anger, and hopelessness through evidence-based healing practices.

Our Continued Mission

Now in its sixth year of operations, Warriors’ Ascent has served over 400 Veterans and First Responders who have graduated from the program. Our alumni are comprised of Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans as well as active-duty members from all branches of the armed services. They are joined by their brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services representing over 15 departments from throughout the nation.

Together, we have formed a community to support one another as we all navigate the healing process. Unlike other programs, we encourage our alumni to return and support future classes. With opportunities to volunteer, become peer mentors, sit in on classes and join us for monthly alumni dinners and gatherings. Warriors’ Ascent is not a fire-and-forget organization. It is a tribe committed to supporting one another so each reaches their long-term healing goals.

With less than 1% serving today, modern society is ill-prepared to assist Veterans and First Responders cope with the traumas they have experienced on their behalf. Warriors’ Ascent has created a holistic evidence-based healing program rooted in centuries of tradition used by ancient warrior cultures. Our FREE five-day program provides an environment dedicated to healing, using proven techniques and practices to create habits for long-term healing. Additionally, Warriors’ Ascent has collaborated with the University of Kansas Cofrin-Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment in order to provide the most clinically rigorous program available backed by research, data, and evidence-based practices.

Our Approach

Answering the call to service often thrusts ordinary people into extraordinary situations. Unfortunately, experiencing these harrowing moments often leads to moral injuries sustained in the line of duty. The psychological and emotional trauma endured by both Veterans and First Responders can lead to depression and suicide. The Warriors’ Ascent Program is designed to empower our Warriors to take ownership of their lives and healing by providing the tools to heal and tend the mind, body, and soul.

Evidence-Based Results

We know our program works as demonstrated by the hundreds of lives we’ve saved and impacted. But in today’s world, we knew we needed to quantify our results. And we’re glad we did because according to a research study conducted by the KU Cofrin-Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment, the Warriors’ Ascent Program has been proven to reduce the emotional and psychological suffering of our participants and improve their sense of wellbeing as evidenced by statistically significant outcomes measured over more than four years.

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