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About VetsinTech

VetsinTech Academy

Here at VetsinTech we feel passionate about the quality of education of our transitioning military, veterans and spouses of either. We are focused on those vets that already have shown an interest and aptitude for working in the tech industry.


  • Cybersecurity – Get certified and land an in-demand role in Cyber Security.
  • Web Development – Learn the basic fundamentals of web site design.
  • Data Science – Build machine learning models to predict business outcomes.
  • Cloud Computing – Learn how to secure and deploy cloud-based computing services and resources.
  • AI/ML – Write programs that can access data and use it to learn for themselves.
  • Sales – Pursue a career as a sales professional in the technology industry.


Many returning vets although very highly skilled, need some help translating  their military skills to the private sector world. In other situations, some veterans will need industry specific and technical training – hence our focus on education. Through various partnerships we can help Vets with resume writing and interview skills, connecting them with mentors to help them find direction in the tech world, providing job matching services and job fairs with local tech companies. Along these lines we have established relationships with corporate talent representatives and recruiters who would work VetsinTech to help veterans get hired. We will also work with local companies to better understand what they need and continuously tune the ViT program to accelerate the identification, training and matching of new Vets to new positions.

Connecting Veterans with a Network of Entrepreneurial Resources

Over the years, VetsinTech has supported veteran entrepreneurs, equipping them with extensive mentorship and entrepreneurship resources to build high growth technology companies. The VetsinTech S.U.N. (StartUp Network) aims to build on these initiatives with an expanded network of key partners that provide access to human, financial and professional resources. Our goal is to create a winning culture and collaborative environment where veterans and military spouses can get access to capital, support resources and talent in order to launch, grow, and scale their startups.


For veterans and military spouses early-stage startups and entrepreneurs seeking access to exclusive resources and a network of world-class investors and partners willing and able to support them.


  • Opportunities for exposure to investors + corporate partners
  • Private member community platform + networking events
  • Exclusive startup discounts from our technology + service partners
  • Participation + booths at our annual VIT Venture Summit
  • Mentorship opportunities with industry experts + startup leaders


For venture capital and angel investors, as well as lending partners, interested in supporting and investing in veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs with unique skills and leadership training.


  • Curated introductions to targeted startups
  • Access to pitch competitions and events
  • Participation in annual VIT Venture Summit
  • Peer-to-peer networking with fellow investors
  • Round table discussions with industry and government leaders


For service and technology providers, as well as industry specialists who can provide legal, technical and business advice and support services to startups run by veterans and military spouses.


  • Ability to promote technology + services to startup community
  • Curated introductions to targeted startups
  • Participation in networking events + conferences
  • Participation + booths at our annual VIT Venture Summit
  • Round table discussions with industry and government leaders

Our Programs

We understand building a company requires more than an idea. Our entrepreneur program helps the more than 48% of returning veterans who would prefer to start their own business but more specifically tech startups. Whether you’re early or later stage, our mission is to equip veteran entrepreneurs and their spouses with mentorship and resources to build high growth technology companies.

  1. Entrepreneur Bootcamp

An accelerated multi-track event which brings together veterans for education in all facets of building a startup. This collaborative mentor/mentee event will combines all of our education programs into one for a full day 8 hour session which includes Business plan development, business law basics, Lean Startups, customer development, and pitching to investors.

2. VetCap + Pitch Contests

Capital for Veterans is a financial workshop designed to assist veteran with choosing the right type of funding for their company stage. Veteran will also receive the opportunity to pitch a panel of industry professionals for feedback on securing capital.

3. VetsinTech Hackathons

Single or Multi-day event bringing together veterans and vet-supporters to develop sprint teams, build a minimum viable product, and pitch a panel of investors for feedback.

4. Design Thinking

A human-centric workshop on how to implement the IDEO/Stanford design process in product development. This hands on approach teaches veterans the basic fundamentals to build a prototype, test and iterate their product/service in order discover proof-of-concept.

5. Office Hours

Join VetsInTech and our partners for in person meetups to discuss your startup. These sessions last up to 30 minutes and the stage of your company can range from early stage to launched product/service. Topics can include business strategy, institutional funding, product design and more.

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