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VALOR Clinic

VALOR Clinic

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
9 AM to 5 PM

About VALOR Clinic

VALOR Clinic Foundation provides assistance accessing benefits, and shelter to Veterans with limited or no access to care. Helps find shelter for Veterans who, due to health or means, are unable to find or keep shelter of their own, and Post Traumatic Stress resources to Veterans through our Veterans Unstoppable program. To improve the lives of our nations Veterans. We strive to provide nation wide integrated medical care in the future.

Our Programs

Veterans Unstoppable is our confidential, no-cost program and service to warriors and their loved ones facing post traumatic stress injury and other invisible wounds of military service. This program currently has three sub- programs; peer support groups, retreats, recreational therapy and service dogs.


Veterans Unstoppable is an individually tailored 5 step life skills development program that fosters healthy life adjustments for Veterans. This addresses differences in each Veterans experiences – we recognize there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution to Veteran reintegration. Veterans Unstoppable guides Veterans through the transition process in a supportive and safe environment free from distractions.

5 Step Program:

Phase 1: Managing exposures and their effects

Phase 2: Reducing Social Conflict

Phase 3: Finding Closure to reduce stress and anxiety

Phase 4: Finding Purpose and direction in life by making a plan

Phase 5: Recreational Therapy through Fly Fishing


Emotional wounds or PTS injuries can interfere with a Veteran’s ability to navigate relationships. Since 9-11-01 we have lost more active duty service members to suicide than to combat.

• 1 in 5 Veterans return with some degree of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS)

• Recent studies reveal that an average of 22 Veterans commit suicide each day

• Divorce and homeless rates are double civilian rates

We have never lost a Veterans Unstoppable program participant or graduate in the war at home. To enroll in a retreat, or join a peer group please contact (570)242-0810 or email We are currently looking to train peer facilitators to open new peer groups.

Hope for the Homeless 

Wearing our distinctive neon yellow VALOR shirts, we seek out homeless Veterans in the wooded areas along water edges, in abandoned buildings and under bridges. We need your help! Please notify us when you become aware of a local homeless person so we can offer assistance. Our bi-monthly Stand Down events provide clothing, food, health checks, permanent supportive housing assistance, referrals and haircuts to our Veteran homeless population. Check our Facebook page for scheduled events. We provide move-in assistance to newly housed Veterans by giving them an initial supply of food and housewares. People living outdoors rarely have furniture, linens or kitchen wares. We provide these items to set them up for success when they move into a home.

Resilient Warrior Program

Our Resilient Warrior Program is our no-cost program helping Veterans file for access to care and benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs, Social Security Administration, their state and other resources through non-government organizations or individuals.  The intent of this program is to assist Veterans in maintaining a normal lifestyle in the face of adverse life conditions, and occasionally assist with more than paperwork.  If you would like assistance filing your paperwork please contact us at (570) 534-2812 or to make an appointment today.

Holiday Meals Program

Our confidential, no-cost program provides holiday meals to our warriors who may be struggling financially. To nominate a Veteran and their family, or donate items for this program, please contact us at 570-534-2854.

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