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The Pink Berets

The Pink Berets
The Pink Berets
607 E. Blanco Road, #937
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About The Pink Berets

Healing. Empowering. Recovering.

Our goal is to help those who struggle with their invisible injuries, and emotionally charged wounding to experience a fresh perspective of themselves, their lives, and the act of limitless possibilities. Our hope is to re-inspire in our clients the motivation, willingness, and courage to excel to their best selves so they can continue to live the life they were authentically meant to lead. As a holistic treatment program, we work closely with each client, listening carefully, and guiding her on the pathway toward recovery so she can be empowered.

Our Programs

The Catalyst
The Catalyst is a holistic therapeutic program dedicated to providing all Military Women with the Tools; Techniques; Personal and Professional Strategies needed for building fulfilling and successful Military/post-military/civilian lives.

The Catalyst program examines the traumatic event and subsequent development of post-traumatic stress disorder as well as the underlying emotional pain that fuels specific behaviors. We begin the process of healing these emotions through a combination of clinical therapy, holistic approaches, and experiential modalities. We understand that trauma and PTSD treatment is visceral, sensory and cellular so our team focuses on building trust, creating a safe environment, and steps towards recovery with the involvement of the family or caregiver. Our team is specifically trained in handling participants who suffer from trauma and PTSD.

The complexity of PTSD and existence of additional symptoms calls for the special resources, a variety of treatment options, frequent monitoring, and support offered by The Catalyst program. We provide these services to ensure you receive the best treatment possible in a warm, nurturing environment. A therapeutic retreat program such as The Catalyst is one of the most effective forms of intervention available as it allows you the opportunity to work through your problems while leaving the stress of your environment to focus on what truly matters – recovery.

How we treat Trauma/PTSD

The Pink Berets offers many types of therapeutic techniques to help you process and come to terms with your experience, gain mastery over your reactions, and re-establish a sense of hope, personal efficacy, and control over your life. We use empirically validated trauma therapeutic approaches for PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma, and Combat Trauma Stress. The Pink Berets is committed to educating and advocate for all women veterans who served in the United States military, by facilitating outreach efforts through various services and initiatives including the following:

  • Individual Counseling Therapy
  • Group Counseling Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Culinary Art Therapy
  • Equine Therapy
  • Women Warriors on Water
  • Troops to Suits
  • Heart 2 Heart Retreat (Texas)
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Situational Awareness



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