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The New Jersey Veterans Network

The New Jersey Veterans Network
The New Jersey Veterans Network
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About The New Jersey Veterans Network

New Jersey Veterans Network is a volunteer mobile outreach program that is completely dedicated to helping our veterans and their families live a better life. The mission of NJVN is to create a system of Community Veteran Liaisons (CVL) whose role is to identify veterans and connect them with resources and solutions designed to meet their unique set of needs.


Our charity is comprised of members from the NJ PBA, NJ FOP, NJ FMBA, NJ American Legion, NJ VFW, and various other military and first responder organizations. We are endorsed and backed by numerous state and local elected officials. NJVN relies solely on motivated volunteers. The most important contribution is to have people become a part of the charity. We are always looking for volunteers and are more than happy to make our network even bigger for veterans in need.


The mission of the NJVN is to help New Jersey Veterans and their families enjoy a sustainable quality of life by creating a network of Community Veteran Liaisons (“CVL”) whose role is to identify veterans, and connect them with resources & solutions designed to meet the unique set of veteran needs.


Identify and appoint a volunteer at the county level to be the single point of contact (CVL) to assist veterans in connecting with resources and programs (“Network”) in the areas of mental health, substance abuse, housing and employment. CVLs in this way will in a sense ensure there is “no wrong door” for veterans in need and in turn help veterans and their families achieve a sustainable quality of life post-military service.


Each CVL should be assertive in seeking to identify veterans in their local community using a variety of methods that include but aren’t limited to a county-wide veteran meeting or event designed to draw veterans. This event should include elected officials, leaders from local veteran groups, first responders, educators, social groups, service providers (behavioral health, wellness), churches and other faith-based organizations.

Area veterans can be identified in many instances through tax office records, Veterans Service Organizations such as the VFW & American Legion, recruiters, and elected officials. Note: CVLs need to check policies regarding disclosure of veteran status by/from government agencies and/or records. Best practice: Update the list at least bi-annually.

Best Practice
Veteran rosters/lists should be designed to allow easy communication via email or telephone. The list should include name, telephone number, email address, veteran status (disabled/non-disabled, veteran preference) and home address.

Host a few meetings a year and stay in contact with local veterans and leaders from the New Jersey Veterans Network.


Each county is different and may have more or fewer resources, or in some cases unique resources, then do other communities. Communities and CVLs should identify resources and in some cases, may need to evaluate the efficacy of that resource and/or a program.

Best Practice
Subject matter experts, resources and others that may add value to the local community network should be identified as a first order of business by a CVL. Proactively reach out and collaborate with the community members, businesses and local vendors.


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