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Team River Runner

Team River Runner
Team River Runner
5007 Stone Road
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About Team River Runner

Team River Runner believes that every wounded and disabled veteran deserves the opportunity to embrace new challenges, invoke leadership, and promote camaraderie. Team River Runner provides an outlet to fulfill these beliefs – inviting wounded and disabled war veterans and their families to participate in adaptive paddling programs.


To provide all veterans and their families an opportunity to find health, healing, community purpose, and new challenges through adventure and adaptive paddle sports!


TRR programs are lifestyle based programs. Regular paddling opportunities in a variety of paddling options and paddle craft. Most Chapters paddle every week, including winter paddling in local pools.


TRR programs are open to veterans of all eras and their families, as well as non service connected individuals* either with or without disabilities interested in furthering the mission of TRR.
* – Dependent on chapter capacity


TRR encourages all members to take on leadership and volunteer efforts in their local Chapter and community. Training is provided to enable TRR members, including disabled members the skills needed to teach others adventure paddle sports.


TRR works closely with any and all organizations in communities our Chapters serve. Safe and healthy paddling activities are the guiding principles of all collaborative efforts.

Our Vision

TRR envisions a growing national chapter network that creates innovative paddling programs designed to offer all service members and their communities enriching experiences. Whether looking for adventure, healing, or purpose, TRR seeks to be an inclusive lifestyle program for all!

Get Involved

TRR provides all boats, outfitting, safety gear, instruction, transportation, food and lodging for the participants and the volunteers through the generosity of their donors and the subsidies from their providers.

Each chapter:

  • Holds regular pool or open water sessions of approximately 2-3 hours each. Some sites offer multiple sessions per week;
  • Has a quarterly local trip and twice a year family days;
  • Encourages qualified paddlers from any site to participate in the national trips offered to Colorado, Idaho and the Caribbean.

At each event, a paddler gets a chance, in a safe environment, to:

  • Get physical exercise outside the boredom of the hospital;
  • Learn a potentially brand new skill, rather than struggle with a skill he used to be an expert at;
  • Overcome emotional roadblocks left by post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury;
  • Practice basic cognitive sequencing by following small sets of instructions;
  • Bring his family into a new recreational hobby;

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