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Semper Fi Fund

Semper Fi Fund
Semper Fi Fund
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About Semper Fi Fund

Service Member and Family Support Program

You are not alone. From injury through recovery, comprehensive programs improve the lives of wounded veterans and address the unique needs of their immediate families.

We provide direct financial assistance and vital programming for combat wounded, critically ill, and catastrophically injured service members and their families during hospitalization and recovery, in addition to military family members enduring an injury or illness.

Bedside Financial Support:

We provide needs-based financial assistance for expenses that are most pressing during a long hospitalization or rehabilitation. Typically families use this grant to help with additional travel and lodging expenses, childcare, and out of pocket expenses. By reducing the burden of financial worries for our Service members and their families, we allow them to place their much needed attention towards the recovery process.

Housing Assistance:

Most service members who use wheelchairs for mobility require adaptive housing. Handicap modifications are costly, but necessary. The Fund provides funding toward the cost of housing and assistance through grants to those who have fallen behind on their housing payment due to injury, recovery and rehabilitation costs.

Whether it’s home access using wheelchair ramps, access throughout the home through widening doorways and making showers and bathrooms more easily accessible, or any of the other many ways a home can be modified, accommodating the needs of a severely-injured Service member in his or her own house is addressing one of the most basic quality of life issues imaginable.

Transportation Assistance:

The Semper Fi & America’s Fund provides adaptive modes of transportation to include modified wheel chairs, vehicles and snow removal equipment. Our veterans have given their all to support our country and The Fund is there to support our service members with innovative modifications for their day-to-day transportation needs.

When our heroes return home, they often find the simple tasks of getting to an appointment on time difficult, due to the restrictions of their injuries. The Semper Fi & America’s Fund is there, providing the transportation needs from gas cards to modified vehicles with lift ramps. No matter what the obstacle, The Fund will assist service members adapt and overcome any hurdle in their path to recovery.

Specialized and Adaptive Equipment:

The Semper Fi & America’s Fund Specialized and Adaptive Equipment Program grants cover any equipment that can improve the quality of life for service members with disabilities. Grants have included visual-enhancement devices for the visually impaired, software programs for those who cannot type, specialized wheelchairs for those who are unable to ambulate and therapeutic mattresses for those with multiple injuries and burns.

Providing specialized and adaptive equipment helps wounded, critically ill and injured Service Members overcome their most challenging and immediate quality of life issues. This, in turn, provides them with the independence they crave as it empowers them to be able to lead more productive lives in their communities.

Visiting Nurse Program:

The Semper Fi Fund & America’s Fund Visiting Nurse Program provides support to Service members and Veterans of all five service branches as deemed eligible by the Fund’s guidelines. The Visiting Nurse program provides emotional support, assistance in the development of coping skills, identifies health and wellness needs, gaps in care, and barriers to using a self-care management model. The goal of the Visiting Nurse program is to create a framework of support to improve overall Service member and Veteran and family health and wellness.

Caregiver Support & Retreats:

Caregivers take on a wide variety of roles critical to the recovery process and to lifelong care: nurse, aide, psychologist, physical therapist, benefits expert, homemaker, cook, healthcare advocate and so much more. We understand the challenging and stressful nature of what caregivers do all day, every day.

Semper Fi & America’s Fund’s Caregiver Support Program encompasses a variety of activities, education, support tools and resource connections designed to assist the spouses, parents, siblings, extended family members, or close friends who drop everything to care for a catastrophically wounded, critically ill or injured Service member.

The Caregiver Support Program provides different types of events to suit the busy schedules of our caregivers to include local Neighborhood Get Together events, Caregiver Days, and the weekend long Caregiver Retreat.

Skip’s Kids Program:

More than two million American children have had a parent deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. The life of a military child is never easy and when a child endures an injury or illness it puts additional stress on the already challenging military lifestyle. The extraordinary hardship families face when caring for a child with a serious injury or illness can include being far away from family support in addition to challenges accessing a specialized children’s hospital. In addition, a child of a wounded, ill, or injured veteran endures a great deal having to watch their parent and family turned upside-down due to the effects of war. This can often lead to “secondary PTSD” with symptoms including hyper vigilance, dissociation, irritability, and behavioral outbursts. We believe that both children of wounded, ill, and injured veterans and children of military families with a serious injury or illness should not have to face these challenges on their own. The Skip’s Kids Program ensures these children have all of the resources needed for support and recovery.

LCpl Parsons Welcome Home Fund for Vietnam Veterans:

The program will expand our mission to care for veterans from all US military Service branches who are catastrophically injured from combat operations in Vietnam.

The LCpl Bob Parsons Welcome Home Fund was established in 2018 in honor of Bob Parsons who served in Vietnam as a Marine Lance Corporal with Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 26th Marines. His honorable and distinctive service included being wounded in action and being awarded the Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon, and Vietnam Cross of Gallantry . As distinctive as his service in combat is Bob’s unwavering commitment to his fellow Vietnam veterans which serves as the inspiration and cornerstone of care provided through this special program. Care is tailored to veterans of all US service branches wounded, injured, or suffering life-threatening illness based on their participation in combat operations in Vietnam.

Program eligibility criteria:

  • blind/legally blind
  • paralyzed
  • amputation
  • burned over 50% of the body
  • severe traumatic brain injury
  • life-threatening injury linked to Agent Orange exposure

If eligible, assistance may be provided in the following areas (case-by-case basis):

  • transportation grant
  • housing grant
  • medical care grant


We make it easier for wounded Service Members to start new and productive lives. Wide ranging education and career assistance delivers critical tools and career skills.

Our Transition Program makes it easier for wounded Service members to thrive beyond injury to recovery. Education support and career assistance provides them with the tools and skills to successfully reconnect with their communities and build new, productive lives.

Veteran 2 Veteran Program:

Our Veteran 2 Veteran (V2V) program is a holistic approach to helping wounded, ill and injured service members find success in their civilian lives. V2V pairs struggling service members with a Veteran Lead, a peer who has successfully made the military to civilian transition, for a one-on-one mentorship experience.

When service members transition out of the military and return to their local communities, they face feelings of isolation, loneliness, fear and uncertainty, among many others. Many of those service members are challenged with diagnoses of post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI) and significant physical injuries which create additional hurdles when making a successful transition. These conditions can cause extreme stress for veterans and their families throughout the transition period which can lead to relationship problems, financial strain, homelessness, substance abuse, unemployment or even suicide.

How Does It Work?

  • Veteran Leads help transitioning service members navigate the Department of Veterans Affairs benefit system to include submitting paperwork, making appointments and appealing a disability rating. Some service members may need help finding a career or pursuing an education, while others may need assistance connecting with local services for further evaluation or treatment.
  • Veteran Leads help each service member develop an individualized transition plan that reflects his or her specific needs. For those with PTSD, TBI or severe physical injuries like amputations, this support is critical.
  • Each Veteran Lead works a specific geographical region of the country and is knowledgeable on the resources, job opportunities and community services available to the veterans of each state.
  • Veteran Leads also hold workshops across the US, helping our service members with resume and interview preparations and financial coaching.

Apprenticeship Program:

Establishing mentoring relationships with leading industry experts provides a powerful and productive way for Service members to reintegrate into the community. This program assists Service Members find meaningful trades, careers and small business opportunities through short-term vocational education and apprenticeships.

The Fund’s staff works directly with motivated service members to assess readiness, personal strengths and professional interests; if a good match exists to the trades and careers offered, Apprenticeship Program staff help participants develop training/education plans, timelines and goals. This may include vocational training, community college, and/or a series of workshops.

Once training is complete, staff will then help service members find apprenticeship opportunities and help establish mentoring relationships with leading industry experts.

Education & Career Assistance:

We help by providing for expenses not covered by other benefits. These include books, fees and the training needed to pursue educational opportunities and/or start a new career. Service Members expanding their education and/or transitioning into the workplace face an imposing range of needs and expenses. By meeting some of those expenses and reducing stress experienced by Service Members, we create an environment where they are best able to thrive.

Unit Reunions:

By reconnecting our warriors to their brothers and sisters in arms, we help speed healing through a renewal of the warrior spirit.

The Semper Fi Fund Unit Reunion program provides a multi-day outdoor experience to Service members of a unit that deployed together in support of OIF/OEF. We focus our support at the company level. At this level, we are able to gather small units that have experienced the crucible of combat together to reconnect, remember and recover together. Semper Fi Fund Unit Reunions make recovery and growth the unit’s next mission. While our model is focused on small unit gatherings our Reunion staff stands ready to provide tailored support to meet specific needs or achieve a unique vision of the unit.

Ready to plan a Unit Reunion?

For information on planning a reunion for units based west of the Mississippi River, contact Meredith Peterson at

Odyssey Retreat:

The Semper Fi & America’s Fund Odyssey Retreat is a six-day holistic transition assistance program for injured and critically ill Service Members. This course offers instruction, coaching, and mentoring on topics related to transition from the military to the civilian sector.

For units based east of the Mississippi River, contact

Integrative Wellness

Our Integrative Wellness Program applies a holistic approach to long-term health, providing tools to improve body, mind, and spirit. In addition to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) support, we foster healing through powerful programming with innovating technologies, animal therapy, arts and music, for all types of injuries and illnesses.  Our Neurofeedback Program, adaptive sports through Team Semper Fi, Jinx McCain Horsemanship program, Tim & Sandy Day Canine Companions program, and therapeutic arts through music and other art forms, have changed and saved lives.

PTSD and TBI Support:

Many returning Service Members suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), a consequence of exposure to blasts and explosions while in theater. TBI is now so common that it has been labeled the “hallmark” of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. We recognized the need for specialized assistance for these Service Members and implemented PTSD and TBI support to meet this growing need.


This course is uniquely structured to address four brain health improvement techniques — Neurofeedback, heart rate variability, gut-health, and sleep. Semper Fi & America’s Fund Wellness Coaches provide participants with ongoing, one-on-one support throughout the program. Participants receive a NeuroFitness kit which includes a Versus neurofeedback headset and a Heart Math heart rate variability device. Our goal is to set veterans up for success in their personal and professional lives by teaching techniques to improve their day-to-day functioning.

Specialized Equipment:

The Semper Fi & America’s Fund provides grants for specialized equipment to help Service members with injuries or illnesses, that has been prescribed or recommended by their primary care physician. Trusted technologies include Alpha-Stim, AVE, Emwaves, Irlen glasses, Celluma and others to assist in speeding recovery and restoring hope.

Post-Traumatic Growth Resource Videos:

Semper Fi Fund has been helping with post-traumatic stress since its inception in 2004. Given that our country has entered its longest war ever, support for those who have served and are currently serving remains critical.

To continue the dialogue of hope, Semper Fi Fund produced a comprehensive educational video series focusing on specific issues to assist today’s post 9/11 Service member. Vital topics of anger, disconnection, mental health, sleep and suicide are addressed through poignant first-hand accounts from veterans, supported by advice and tips from subject matter experts.


The Semper Fi & America’s Fund provides grants for costs associated with therapy and counseling not covered by military benefits.

Team Semper Fi:

Named after Peter Murphy, this proven program supports more than 2,800 service members who qualify for our assistance, and is an exciting outlet and powerful peer support for our wounded, ill and injured service members.

Service members from all service branches who receive assistance from Semper Fi & America’s Fund may be eligible to join Team Semper Fi.  This sports program assists service members of all abilities and utilizes recreational sports and competitive athletics as a tool in the recovery process. Team Semper Fi provides adaptive equipment, professional instruction and clinics, mentorship, coaching and physical outlets through various activities such as cycling, mountain biking, snow sports, water sports, triathlon, fishing, team sports and more. Team Semper Fi has representation at all levels, to include weekend sports enthusiasts, Paralympians, and professional athletes. Team members participate around the country to build community, raise awareness, and inspire fellow service members on their own road to recovery.

Jinx McCain Horsemanship Program:

Learning and refining horsemanship skills encourages and supports recovery and reintegration through camaraderie, individual achievement and the strength of the animal-human bond.

The Jinx McCain Horsemanship Program (JMHP) is a confidence and skill-building horsemanship program for our combat wounded, critically ill and catastrophically injured Service members. Since inception in 2011, more than 300 service members and veterans have saddled-up and experienced the satisfaction of developing their horsemanship through practical application on working cattle ranches across the country.

Tim & Sandy Day Canine Companions Program:

We unite injured Service Members with service dogs while ensuring the dogs are properly trained. The program also assists financially with the continuous care for the dog while the injured Service Member physically rehabilitates and transitions back to civilian life.

New Vail Programming:

Semper Fi & America’s Fund is excited to continue adaptive mountain sports in the close, patriotic Vail community. Our strong presence in Vail means so much to our team and those we serve!

  • Vail Summer Family Program
  • Vail Golf in the Rockies
  • Vail Winter Family Program
  • Vail Winter Mountain/Adventure
  • Vail Caregiver Retreats and Reunions

Business Operations

For billing and non-donation related correspondence, please use this address:

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