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Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Association

Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Association
Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Association
225 West South Boulder Road
Suite 101
Louisville, CO 80027 Get Directions

About Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Association

The mission of the Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Association for Brain Injuries is to improve the quality of life for people suffering from brain injuries in the Rocky Mountain region by providing financial support and logistical assistance to individuals who are seeking rehabilitation through hyperbaric oxygen therapy and to promote education and understanding to the community regarding the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Healing Our Heroes

Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Association for Brain Injuries’ Healing Our Heroes program supports our post 9/11 veterans, who were deployed and suffered a brain injury while serving in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, by assisting with payments for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) treatments as well as providing lodging for those veterans who will be traveling to Louisville, Colorado For HBOT treatments.

How it Works

For veterans coming from out of town, we do have housing available. We have secured a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house a few blocks from the Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute. The fully furnished home is within walking distance to historic downtown Louisville.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy addresses the physical symptoms of traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. We understand that, even with relief of the physical symptoms, there exists a psychological need that has to be addressed in order for a more complete healing to occur. Because of this, we have added the opportunity for veterans to receive counseling through Combat Veterans Helping Combat Veterans, Inc. Veterans who have been accepted into the Healing our Heroes Program may receive counseling while they are undergoing HBOT here in Louisville.

HBOT for Brain Injuries

Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Association for Brain Injuries’ HBOT for Brain Injuries program assists those who qualify with small grants to help pay for HBOT treatments.

At any given time, up to 20% of the American population under age 50 years is unable to work due to temporary illness or disability. 17% of children under 18 years of age have developmental disabilities that result in substantial financial and social costs. 18% of Americans have some disability, with 12% presenting a severe disability. Children with neurological injuries or impairment cost, on average, 2.1 times as much to educate as non-injured children. Early treatment could reduce the cost of education of special needs children by as much as $55.7 billion dollars every year, not to mention cost savings in health and related expense. Assistance in receiving hyperbaric treatment is invaluable to those who currently drive at least two hours to the nearest major medical treatment facilities. Cost in seeking treatment is prohibitive for many, particularly considering modest wages for workers, lost work for those seeking medical assistance, expense of medical treatments and costs of travel and lodging for patients receiving repeat treatments. The HBOT for Brain Injuries Fund assists those who need financial assistance for HBOT treatments.

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