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Operation VEST

About Operation VEST

Working towards the eradication of Veteran Suicide which is attempted every 26 seconds. We inform the public of this staggering statistic and take partnership in supporting our veterans in organizations that are aligned with the same vision.

The reasons are as unique and individual as each veteran, as is every experience. Operation VEST’s mission is to address the different needs of our veteran population with the goal of eradicating veteran suicide, one at a time.
The purpose of a vest is to protect.
Operation VEST aims to do the same by working side by side with other local organizations and veterans to help fight the battle within. We believe we can achieve this by banding TOGETHER!
Operation VEST works to honor the hearts, the service and the sacrifices of our military service-members, regardless of backgrounds, beliefs, or political alignment. We believe supporting those who have served is the second-best way to honor a love of country, besides service itself.
They’ve had our 6. Now it’s time we show them we’ve got theirs.

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