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Operation Safe Haven

Operation Safe Haven
Operation Safe Haven
1664 Delsea Drive
Franklin, NJ 08322 Get Directions

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Saturday: Appointment only
Sunday & Monday: Closed

About Operation Safe Haven


“Never leave someone behind. That was our pledge in the military and as a police officer. When you retire or move on, that doesn’t go away.” Donnie Davis
The statistics are staggering… 22 Veterans take their lives every day due to PTSD and that number for First Responders is growing at an alarming rate! Many of these Heroes struggle with higher divorce rates, addictions and homelessness. Operation Safe Haven is changing that by providing hope!

There’s a new volunteer initiative seeking to make that hope easier to acquire for our heroes, but this initiative is more than just statistics… it’s personal… Donnie knows firsthand what these heroes are going through. As a veteran and former police officer diagnosed with Complex PTSD, Donnie has struggled with addiction, shame, anxiety, depression, anger and thoughts of suicide. Not knowing where to turn, he just thought something was wrong with him and this was how life was just going to be… hopeless.

More than just housing…
· Service Dogs

· Equine Therapy

· Peer-to-Peer Counseling

· Counseling/Life Coach

· Physical Therapy/Yoga

· Job Training/Placement

· Financial Planning/Assistance

· Retreat Center in Franklinville NJ with hiking, fishing, camping and much more…

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