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NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife

NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife

About NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife

Honorably discharged veterans with a service-connected disability who are New Jersey residents are entitled to free New Jersey hunting and fishing licenses, permits and stamps. Resident veterans of any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States declared by the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to have a service-connected disability of any degree qualify for the free licenses, permits and stamps. The Division of Fish and Wildlife is reimbursed for the cost of licenses, permits and stamps issued to certified disabled veterans from the state’s General Fund.

Eligible veterans must initially be certified by the Division of Fish and Wildlife to receive free licenses, permits and stamps. ‘Disabled veteran certification’ can not be done online or at license agent locations. Initial certification can be done by mailing the required documentation and license application to the Trenton address provided on the Disabled Veteran License application.

Documents required for initial certification:

  • Proof of service – connected disability (one of the following)
    • Letter of certification of service-connected disability from Veterans Affairs, or
    • Wallet sized card from the VA indicating service-connected disability
  • Proof of honorable discharge (DD-214 or similar document).
  • New Jersey driver license or other proof of residency.

Once certified, veterans can obtain their licenses, permits and stamps online or at license agents. Licenses, stamps and permits are free and disabled veterans do not pay any transaction fee to license agents. However, when obtaining licenses, stamps and permits through the Internet sales site, a small shipping and handling fee is charged by the online license vendor.

The first-time issue of a firearm or bow and arrow hunting license requires showing proof of a prior year resident hunting license from any state, or a hunter education course completion card, to the Division or license agent. Once the prior year license or hunter education information is entered into the license system database, proof is not required to obtain subsequent year hunting licenses. Certified veterans are also eligible for the Apprentice License which has some limitation.

All New Jersey license and permit buyers, including disabled veterans, are required to complete a Child Support Certification each year. This certification can be done online, at license agent locations or by completing and submitting the required form when requesting licenses and stamps through the mail during the initial disabled veteran certification process.

Deer, Bear and Turkey Hunting Permits

Properly licensed certified disabled veterans are entitled to unlimited antlerless permits for each of the Permit Deer Seasons. One free Antlered Deer Permit can be issued for each season as well. Information on obtaining deer permits is provided in the Hunting and Trapping Digest and on the Permit Information page.

Properly licensed certified disabled veterans are also entitled to two free spring turkey permits and one free fall turkey permit during the lottery and additional free permits when leftover permit sales begin. Information on obtaining turkey permits is also provided on the Permit Information page. Certified veterans DO NOT receive preference in the lotteries. Free bear permits are also available via over-the-counter sales.

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