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Mountains to Miracles Veterans' Foundation

Mountains to Miracles Veterans' Foundation
Mountains to Miracles Veterans' Foundation
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About Mountains to Miracles Veterans' Foundation

Our Mission

We are committed to enabling our veterans to function in a safe, comfortable environment where they will not be hindered but instead, will be able to thrive and lead a full life.

What We Do

Goldens for Warriors

Goldens for Warriors is a project started by Mountains to Miracles to support veterans and their families who suffer from epileptic seizures. All Goldens For Warriors dogs are trained service dogs as well as seizure alert dogs.

Although canines have a long history of companionship with humans, only recently have the therapeutic benefits of this relationship been studied. Service dogs have been trained to help individuals with handicaps, including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

Our goal is to match veterans and their families with seizure alert dogs, allowing people to get the medical attention and support needed in time to either avoid a seizure or minimize any injuries that could occur during a seizure. There are various ways a seizure alert dog may help a person with epilepsy. Some theories include the ability of Golden Retrievers to sense subtle changes in their owners, such as a change in smell, facial expressions, and even electrical disturbances which may occur prior to a seizure.

These Golden Retrievers alert their owners that medication is needed prior to the onset of a seizure or will alert a caretaker to administer medication, to avoid or minimize the intensity of a seizure. When a person is alone without medication, the dog may use its own body to lay against the body of the person having the seizure to limit injuries. The ways in which Golden Retrievers can help people who suffer from epilepsy is truly remarkable. In rare circumstances where a different breed of dog is better suited for a veterans needs, we will provide what is best for the veteran.

To Help Goldens For Warriors Thrive, There Is An Ongoing Need For:

VETERINARIANS – To donate their services for follow up and emergency care for the dogs. (Please see our Volunteer link under Get Involved.)

FOOD – Regular donations of food and supplies for the dogs.

DONATIONS – Any amount is appreciated and goes a long way to providing veterans with seizure alert dog

Honoring Our Fallen Heroes

The Honoring Our Fallen Heroes program was founded to honor the servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives in service to our country, and to support their surviving family members. This program was and continues to be needed in this area. Mountains To Miracles strives to help surviving family members when public services are strained or lacking.

The program originated due to ongoing requests from veterans’ widows/widowers who were without resources and needed assistance navigating legal support services, veteran services, and counseling. During the grieving process of losing a family member, seeking assistance can be very difficult. Mountains To Miracles recognized that in times of mourning extra support and guidance is necessary.

The needs are greater than the current available resources. While the services required vary with each family, Mountains To Miracles has worked to address individual families’ immediate needs, including but not limited to:

  • Connecting families to various Federal and local support agencies
  • Funding for burial expenditures
  • Purchasing headstones
  • Providing needed expenditures that exceed the available support from the Veterans Administration
  • Connecting survivors to support services and counseling, including enabling children to receive emotional support and counseling during the grieving process
  • Providing necessary transportation for medical appointments
  • Helping families meet their unique needs
  • Fundraising to provide Christmas presents for children

Your support of Mountains To Miracles funds our ability to support family members of our fallen heroes who did not make it back home.


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