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Military Spouse Jobs

About Military Spouse Jobs

Our Mission

To expand employment opportunities for military spouses & dependents through one-on-one employment placement assistance, focused on the use of gap skills training and targeted resume and interview assistance, LinkedIn optimization, and connections to employer partners in order to create a smoother transition process.

Who We Are

We are the #1 online resource for military-affiliated job seekers looking to attain a rewarding career and maximize their earnings.

Over the past 18 years, we have placed over 79,000 Veterans, Transitioning Military Members, and Military Spouses, into industry leading & high-earning careers.  Our hiring numbers are verified by a third-party review by Deloitte, via the Call of Duty Endowment.  22,000 of our candidates have taken and completed our training courses.

What We Do & How We Do It

Military Spouse Jobs has honed a very successful, proven method for ensuring our job seekers connect with the career opportunities they deserve.

Our approach has three parts: people, technology and education.

  • People.  Our people — all of whom are
    highly-educated veterans and military spouses themselves — get to know our job seekers  personally.  They work to understand a candidate’s  military service, the skills they’ve acquired and how that translates to today’s job market. We then provide personal, high-touch, free job placement support, leveraging relationships with hundreds of leading national employers.
  • Technology.  After we get to know our candidates personally, we tap into a world-class technology backbone which enables us to access over three million high-paying job openings,  donated through DirectEmployers Association, plus view applicants and track hiring outcomes the same way top employers do.  Further, we track our job seekers’ progress after we place them, helping to ensure they succeed. As they progress along and advance in their career – we’re right there with them to help as needed.
  • Education.  For candidates who need extra support, we have developed top-notch training, educational tools, career development resources and mentoring.  Our training team — which includes professionals who have developed curricula for prestigious American universities — works closely with each job seeker to guarantee they’re positioned to get the job they deserve.

Our Values

We believe a big part of what sets us apart is our core values, which were deepened through serving our country. Those values include:
Integrity – We don’t accept funding from any branches of the Military or corporate HR departments; our singular allegiance is to the job seekers we serve.

  • Respect – We have the deepest respect for those who are serving, have served, and surround those wo have served; that reverance guides every decision we make.
  • Commitment – We don’t think it’s enough to just help a veteran or spouse get a job.  Nobody goes deeper, or stays involved longer, to help military-affiliated job seekers attain a rewarding career.
  • Focus – We have never strayed from our founding charter.  If it doesn’t help active duty military, veterans or military spouses connect with a high-paying career, we won’t do it.
  • Efficiency – We are tirelessly devoted to ensuring every penny we spend advances our mission.  Deloitte audits show that 96 cents on the dollar goes to that mission.

Our Services

  • Resume review
  • Professional development courses
  • Mock interviews
  • Connections to employers

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