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Military Legal Assistance Program

Military Legal Assistance Program
Military Legal Assistance Program
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About Military Legal Assistance Program

As many as 3,000 New Jersey residents serving in the armed forces reserves have been deployed overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan. These individuals are now in the process of returning to New Jersey. Many of them will be or have been adversely affected by reason of their status, change of status, or long deployment. Therefore, there is an anticipated need for legal assistance for these military personnel in civil matters.

The Military Legal Assistance Program has been created to assist such military personnel with their legal needs. The Program offers assistance in four areas:

  • Family Law
  • Employment Law
  • Debtor-Creditor Law
  • Military / Administrative Law

The Program will refer members of the military who contact the New Jersey State Bar Association to volunteers qualified to assist them with their specific legal issues. Volunteers who accept a case through the Program must agree to handle such case from inception to resolution, without compensation or reimbursement for expenses.

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