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Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training (MCVET)

Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training (MCVET)
Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training (MCVET)
301 N. High Street
Baltimore, MD 21202 Get Directions

Hours of Operation

24/7 with Office Hrs: 9am - 5pm

About Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training (MCVET)

Veterans Helping Veterans

MCVET provides short-term and long-term housing that supports a variety of situations our beloved Veterans may find themselves in. The housing services range from Day Drop In Facilities, Emergency Housing, Transitional Housing, and Single Room Occupancy. During your stay, you can also receive supportive services including Case Management, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling, Education & Employment Services

The Day-Drop provides homeless veterans who are in need of a facility that affords a degree of comfort during the day and a feeling of camaraderie with other veterans in similar circumstances. In the Day-Drop, veterans have access to shower facilities, clothing, water and vending machines, crisis intervention counseling and a quiet haven to rest. The Facility has a 50 person capacity.

The Emergency Housing component is actually the first phase for veterans committing to the MCVET program. The Emergency Housing program has a capacity of 50 beds and is available to residents for a period not to exceed thirteen (13) weeks. During the 13 weeks, residents’ military status is confirmed and they receive VA benefits counseling. They are also assigned to a case manager who works with the resident to identify the causes of the homelessness and to outline employment and education goals.

The Transitional Housing Program has 120 beds and provides up to two years of transitional housing and supportive services to veterans who have successfully completed the Emergency Shelter Program and need continued supportive services in order to return them to employment and permanent housing.

The Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Program is a gateway leading towards permanent housing with essential component to the overall continuum of care. The SRO functions in conjunction with the existing Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing Programs provides a full continuum of housing, counseling and job placement services to veterans in need. Veteran applicants from outside MCVET’s program, including female veterans, are also eligible for the SRO units.

Intake Details

Intake Days
Monday through Friday (Holidays excepted), and on the last (every fourth) Saturday of each month. Applications will only be accepted on the days of the actual intake. Applicants should enter on the Exeter Street side of the property.

Restriction Period
Veterans accepted into the program will be restricted to the facility for the first 30 days.

Checklist of Items to Bring To Intake

  • DD 214 (Military separation papers) if available.
  • Personal identification.
  • 30 Day supply of any currently prescribed medications.
  • Clothing and personal hygiene items. (Optional – MCVET has a limited supply of these items for veterans without possessions. Limited locker space is provided).
  • Do not bring cologne, mouthwash, or other alcohol based products, automobiles, phones, pagers, nail files or other objects that could be used as a weapon.

Detox services are not provided by MCVET. All veterans with recent substance use must be detoxed prior to entry. Detox services may be available for eligible veterans at the Baltimore VA Medical Center on Greene Street.

Legal Issues
Although MCVET accepts veterans that are on parole and/or probation, persons under the custody of the Correctional System will not be screened until they have been released. Due to the Restriction Period, applicants who have court dates within 30 days of the application will not be accepted into the program.

MCVET accepts referrals from hospitals, community agencies, and other service providers.

Please send with the veteran a copy of the discharge summary and/or psychosocial history to facilitate the screening process. Make sure that a contact person for the referring agency is identified in case of questions. Veteran status will be verified by a MCVET benefits counselor.

As veterans will be restricted to the facility for the first 30 days if accepted into the program, please make sure that all appointments are scheduled appropriately.

Self referrals are also accepted.

Dually Diagnosed Veterans
Veterans experiencing severe medical issues and/or psychosis (auditory and visual hallucinations, severe depression, manic/hypomania episodes, at risk of hurting self and/or others) at the time of intake will not be accepted into the program until after they have been seen by a doctor and have obtained clearance. Veterans entering MCVET must be mentally stable and have a 30 day supply of medication if necessary. If the intake person detects any mental health issues that the veteran does not report, an evaluation must be completed prior to admission in the program. Veterans facing severe medical issues must be able to function in the MCVET environment.

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