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Ma Deuce Deuce

Ma Deuce Deuce

About Ma Deuce Deuce

Ma Deuce Deuce (MA22) was founded by a few Marines and a big beautiful truck. After attending a free 5 day program called Operation Restored Warrior (ORW), John Cohen, Dennis Addesso and Tom Kiselow decided to start something to make programs like ORW known. With a glorious F350 wrapped in a military theme and other alumnus of ORW, they created a veteran advocacy organization (501c3/Non profit) raising awareness of the “22 daily Veteran suicides” epidemic as well as providing Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) a diversity of restorative and therapeutic programs/non-profit organizations at no cost to the veteran.

We are headed into our 5th year of finding veterans in our area to “Get out of the house” and assist making their transition from a combat environment back to civilian life easier. Our name is derived from the Marine term for the .50 caliber machine gun (M2 or “Ma Deuce”) combined with the “22 a day” veteran suicides… “Ma Deuce Deuce”.

MA22 is out to link up with other organizations in the fight to eradicate 22 veteran suicides daily. If you are a veteran organization looking to team up or are a veteran yourself who is in need of some help, or know someone who is… Dennis, John, Don and Tom we are here for you!

Audrey’s Toy Chest

The impact from this event and anyone sharing the Amazon list makes a difference. We helped 85 Veteran children last year, with multiple suicide prevents.

The Amazon list ships to Farro’s Tees in Tom’s River:

FARROS/MA22 Toy Chest
867 Fischer Blvd
Toms River, NJ 08753

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