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Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County

Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County
Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County
2407 Route 66
Ocean, NJ 07712 Get Directions

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday
10 AM - 2PM

About Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County

Many people in our community face unexpected legal problems, and do not have sufficient means to hire an attorney to represent them.  We at the Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County, firmly believe that a person’s financial status should not preclude them from obtaining representation in various circumstances.

The Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County carefully screens people to make sure they are eligible for our help, and if they are, we work to refer them to an experienced attorney who can help them through their problem.  This benefits not only the individual having the problem, but our community as a whole to efficiently resolve the situation.

Our staff takes calls at (732) 556-8268  Monday – Thursday 10:00am – 2:00pm to screen applicants to determine if they are eligible for legal aid.  If a candidate is eligible they fill out a detailed application to determine if they meet our financial guidelines, and case requirements.  Upon approval, our staff refers out the case to an attorney who will volunteer their time to handle the case.

How It Works

After completing an application, clients are interviewed by our staff for eligibility.   If the problem requires litigation and the client meets the financial eligibility guidelines and the case requirements, the Director finds an attorney who will represent the client on a pro bono basis. If there is another agency available to resolve their type of case, they are referred to that agency.   Also, if the type of legal problem is not eligible for our services, the applicant is referred to the Monmouth Bar Association Attorney Referral Program.

The Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County represents only residents of Monmouth County, NJ who have cases in Monmouth County.

Types of Cases Considered:

  • Civil cases with a trial location in Monmouth County where the value of the case exceeds $1,000 and the client is the defendant.
  • Bankruptcy
  • Landlord/Tenant Matters
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Child Visitation

Excludes criminal, police matters and plaintiff suits for recovery of monies on which contingent representation would be available.


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