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Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
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About Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

As a non-profit founded in 2004, IAVA’s mission is to connect, unite and empower Post-9/11 veterans. Celebrating its 17th year anniversary, IAVA has connected more than 1.2 million veterans with resources and community, and provided more than 5,000 veterans with personalized support from IAVA’s Master’s level social workers.


Quick Reaction Force is a concierge veteran empowerment program helping veterans navigate an often complex road map to quality free services.

For over a decade QRF has navigated veterans on their empowerment path. Along the way we have cultivated individualized road maps to help veterans get help. Select the option that most closely connects to your area of need, and follow the path to success.

  • FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: QRF knows veterans want a leg up NOT a handout. While QRF does not offer direct financial assistance, for over a decade we have helped veterans find help they may not have considered.
  • HOUSING: QRF is here for any veteran who is currently homeless or at risk of homelessness. Our veteran care network has had success stepping in and helping prevent eviction.
  • EMPLOYMENT: QRF has decades of experience in assisting veterans with employment related needs. Empowering you to put your best foot forward as you apply for a new career.
  • NAVIGATING THE VA: Navigating and accessing VA benefits can be arduous. QRF’s model highlights how best to understand what to do and help you quickly rip through the red tape.
  • EDUCATION: Accessing and utilizing education benefits can be a confusing process. QRF highlights how to get the most out of the education benefits you’ve already earned.
  • I AM A SMOKER: Veterans smoke cigarettes at 3x the rate of the civilian counterparts. QRF will help you on your path to quitting or finding alternative solutions.
  • PEER SUPPORT: There is no weakness in needing a peer to talk to, QRF has identified partners who offer 24/7/365 peer to peer support, talk with a veteran today.
  • LEGAL ASSISTANCE: Legal issues can be complicated, confusing and incredibly overwhelming and QRF is here for any veteran in need of legal support.
  • I AM A FAMILY MEMBER: QRF is here for all veteran family members, whether you are seeking assistance for yourself, the veteran in your life or other members of your family.


Voting is important! Regardless of political views, it is your duty to vote. The Vote Hub is a resource to help you find registration information for your state and your local polling location.


IAVA fights and wins battles for the post 9/11 generation of veterans. IAVA gets results. Our members tell us what’s important, and we engage policy makers and the media to bring about positive change.

OUR METHOD: We have a proven method that works: we listen to our members, we do our research, we advocate for change, and WE WIN.

CAMPAIGNS: We are THE trusted veterans’ advocacy group in DC. Our scientific approach means that when we talk, our elected officials listen and take action.

MEDIA: IAVA fights every day to ensure that America’s veterans are not ignored! We demand our members’ needs are heard and insist on a positive national veteran narrative.

BIG 6: IAVA’s Priority Advocacy Issues
Our members have identified the top issues that must be addressed.

  • Combat Suicide
  • Modernize VA
  • Burn Pits
  • Education Benefits
  • Women Veterans
  • Alternative Therapies


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