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Hope 4 Warriors

Hope 4 Warriors
Hope 4 Warriors
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About Hope 4 Warriors

Restoring Self, Family & Hope

Services are available to post 9-11 veterans, spouses, care givers and gold star families.


Our licensed clinicians provide holistic, person-centered care. We offer a range of services that address both urgent and long-term veteran and family wellness needs.

Hope For The Warriors Clinical Support Services identify and fill gaps in mental health care for post-9/11 combat injured service members, veterans and caregivers. We use a wellness approach which looks at all areas of a person’s life to help identify parts needing additional support. Our suite of Clinical Support Services meet many needs.

Therapeutic Interventions
In some instances, a veteran or family member is not able to obtain or hesitant to seek mental health care treatment within their community or from the VA. Our clinical team provides short term stop-gap supportive services that engage the veteran or family in seeking local treatment. Our team of Master Level Social Workers aim to assess our clients’ needs for treatment, address barriers to treatment and find the best care options available.  Scope of services provided is dependent upon the applicant’s state of residence and current licenses held by Hope For The Warriors staff.

Stability Grant
Hope For The Warriors aims to provide short-term financial assistance in the form of a Stability Grant when a veteran or service member struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and/or mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) seeks intensive mental health treatment for a combat related mental health diagnosis. The program helps military families with travel to/from treatment, emotional support during the treatment program and short-term financial assistance, if deemed necessary, to allow the veteran or service member to focus on treatment.

Resilient Warrior & Resilient Family
Resilient Warrior is an educational course designed to help a service member cope with stressful events. The course teaches one to control his or her mind and body’s responses to stress. When a person can develop helpful coping tools to combat the adverse effects of stress that individual becomes more resilient.

Hope For The Warriors has teamed up with Home Base to provide this course free to our Warriors and the adult caregivers who provide support. The course is offered on a virtual platform from the comfort of the participant’s home with six weeks of content.

*Eligibility: Resilient Warrior is available to all post 9/11 veterans. Resilient Family is available to caregivers and spouses of post-9/11 veterans.

Internship Program
The Master of Social Work (MSW) Internship Program provides field placement for MSW students in their foundation or advanced second year of graduate school. The ultimate goal of the program is to ensure that students graduate and enter the field of social work with a thorough understanding of the needs and challenges of today’s military family and a respect for their service and sacrifice.

Delays in disability claims processing, loss of income, homelessness, need for increased care due to injury progression, and unexpected expenses can create financial burdens for families.

Originally designed to meet short-term needs in the days following an injury, the Critical Care Coordination (CCC) program has expanded to assist various populations of our military. Including post-9/11 combat-wounded veterans and their families, post-9/11 homeless veterans, as well as post-9/11 veterans who are survivors of MST as they navigate through long-term recovery.

Hope For The Warriors’ CCC program assists service members, veterans and their families in two specific ways.

  1. Program coordinators provide integrated case management, financial education, with an emphasis on long-term financial stability, and resource referrals that assist the warrior both today and in the future.
  2. If the warrior meets program eligibility criteria, financial support may be provided to assist the family in the short-term.

If you are in need, please complete an application to apply for services. This will allow our team to learn more about your situation and work alongside you to comprehensively address your specific, personal needs. After submission of your application, you will receive a welcoming phone call, and a  team member will explain program criteria and customize the support we can provide.

Family Wellness Events
Hope For The Warriors hosts special events with opportunities for family members to engage with each other and interact with other military and veteran family members. These events may include outdoor retreats, couple’s weekends, arts and healing events and conferences.

Military and Veteran Caregiver Support Services
Hope For The Warriors’ Caregiver Support Services are available to military and veteran caregivers of post-9/11 service members or veterans that have been physically or psychologically wounded. You are considered a caregiver, at Hope For The Warriors,  if you provide physical care and/or emotional support to an injured warrior. Caregivers can include spouses, parents, children, partners, siblings and friends.

Caregiver Support Services offer a variety of virtual and regional opportunities for the military caregiver to engage in programs and services. These services include a Facebook Caregiver Resource HUB, Military and Veteran Caregiver Wellness Workshops, Resilient Family training and Clinical Support Services.

Military Child Initiative
The Military Child Initiative offers financial support toward opportunities that strengthen the structure and stability of the military family unit with a focus on health and wellness. When looking at the family unit, there are often additional demands outside of immediate needs that families and children pursue to improve their quality of life. Taking a holistic perspective, we identify the important needs of our military children as they are greatly impacted by the recovery, treatment and adjustment that our veterans and military families experience every day. Hope For The Warriors provides support for the military and veteran child through back-to-school backpack drives, sports scholarship opportunities, scholarships to HOBY leadership camps and summer lunch programs.


We provide transition support from all angles, ensuring every transition—whether from combat to home, duty station to duty station, military to civilian life, or military career to academic endeavors—is successful.

Our Warrior’s Wish® program is about transforming lives. And we do it one person, one family at a time by fulfilling life-changing wishes of severely-injured service members — wishes that push them beyond surviving and allows them to thrive.

Each Warrior’s Wish is as unique as the person seeking something more. It may be a chance to reconnect with family after a long journey through recovery. A wish may come in the form of adaptive equipment to resume a hobby that carried so much meaning before injury. It could be tools or a workspace to launch a new career.

Warrior’s Wish relies on collaboration with our communities to make wishes come true for our warriors and their families. For more information about the program,  contact Chrystal Keilers (832) 776-9379,

Warrior’s Compass, powered by JobPath, is part of Hope For The Warriors’ comprehensive Transition Services offering. It offers resources for veterans starting new careers and opportunities for employers to find qualified veteran candidates.

Warrior’s Compass allows transitioning service members, military spouses and veterans to discover what civilian jobs match with their current skills and provide support in the following areas:

  • Job training and military skills translation
  • Candidate matching
  • Mentorship from other veterans
  • Building a strong resumé
  • Access to 1,500+ companies that want to hire veterans

Warrior’s Compass is not a typical job board. It is designed to address the issues facing veteran recruitment, retention and military spouse employment.


Our Sports & Recreation programs reintroduce a beloved sport or hobby to warrior athletes. We also provide severely injured service members with the opportunity to gain new skills through the use of adaptive equipment.

Run For The Warriors® is a race series dedicated to our country’s post-9/11 warrior community, specifically those injured defending our country, their families and families of the fallen. The Run For The Warriors series is a celebration of their strength and resolve and our promise as communities across the country to continue restoring self, family and hope in the lives of these warriors.

Run For The Warriors race series provides wounded service members encouragement and the opportunity to pursue the sport of running, walking or cycling to assist in their physical and emotional rehabilitation.

This race series also unites military and civilian community members, connecting and educating each on the importance of embracing their neighbors. The goal of each event is to establish a long-term understanding and respect for the needs of local military families.

Race distances vary by location/run but often include 10K, 5K, and First Mile Walk/Runs. All races are adaptive equipment friendly and chip-timed.

If you have any questions about any of our Run For The Warriors races, e-mail

Team Hope For The Warriors® provides athletes of all abilities the opportunity to engage the competitive spirit at endurance events. Warrior Team members are provided adaptive equipment and race support to ensure that they are defined by their achievements rather than by their injuries. Community Team members challenge themselves to raise funds for America’s heroes, set new athletic goals, or simply support our military. Together, these Team members are united by the goal to improve the rehabilitation of wounded service members and military families.

Hope For The Warriors’ Outdoor Adventures Program provides adaptive opportunities for wounded heroes to participate in sporting activities in the great outdoors. Service members, who previously embraced an outdoorsman lifestyle, as well as those new to traditional outdoor sports, are introduced to recreational opportunities on the road to recovery.

Hope For The Warriors created the Outdoor Adventures Program in 2010 to provide adaptive opportunities for wounded heroes to participate in sporting activities in the great outdoors. In 2012, the organization recognized the therapeutic benefits for the family members and expanded the program to include spouses and children of wounded and fallen service members.

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