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Hives for Heroes

Hives for Heroes
Hives for Heroes
PO Box 10467
Houston, TX 77108 Get Directions

About Hives for Heroes


At Hives for Heroes®, we lead the way in both conservation and the transition from military and first responder service. Our vision is to empower our nations heroes with the skills and knowledge to become proficient beekeepers while contributing to the preservation of the planet’s most essential pollinators. Through this mission, we seek to build a community that honors and supports our heroes, fostering a sense of purpose, pride, and belonging as they transition to civilian life.

1st year NewBEE (0-1 yr)

Partnered with local area mentor ​

  • Knowledge of county and state guidelines (cert program)​
  • Hives for Heroes will provide materials  for NewBEEK  that will be kept with mentor during that first year

2nd year WorkerBEE (1-2 yr) ​

Communal HFH yard with other Veterans.​

  • Works on Memorial Hive Program hives​
  • Group/Collaborative learning

3rd year Mentor (2+ yr) ​

Graduation from program into Mentorship role​

  • Receives hive to manage alone​
  • Preparation for Master Beekeeper Program


Tax ID

EIN: 83-1465397

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