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About HeroGrown

There are over 20 million military veterans and tens of millions of active and retired first responders. In the shadows, a countless number of these heroes are desperately struggling with addiction to deadly drugs prescribed for service related injuries and psychological disorders. HeroGrown® Foundation is the preeminent organization fighting for their right to choose cannabis as a safe alternative.

While risky prescription drugs are often free through the VA or insurance, heavily regulated and taxed marijuana can cost over $50 per day. We aim to make cannabis a viable alternative to prescription drugs by providing it free to veterans and first responders in need. We are also working to build a discount network around the country with licensed dispensaries.

American Heroes deserve the right to use the medicine of their choice without risking their job, medical benefits, or freedom. In addition to providing direct assistance to thousands of veterans and first responders, we work to stop employers, health insurers, and the government from discriminating against cannabis users.


Warrior Airdrop

Warrior Airdrop is the cornerstone of HeroGrown’s charitable operations. We send free CBD items directly to Veterans in need.

Cannabis Giveaways

Through our affiliates, Herogrown coordinates the donation of cannabis products to Veterans.

Education and Awareness

We educate members and the public to raise awareness about the health benefits of cannabis.

Liberate Cannabis

We work with lobbyists and state legislators to end the war on American Heroes who choose cannabis.

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