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Coast Guard Foundation

Coast Guard Foundation
Coast Guard Foundation
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About Coast Guard Foundation

The Coast Guard Foundation is committed to ensuring all Coast Guard members and families have the resources they need to build resilience throughout their lives.

Founded in 1969, we’re a vital partner to the Coast Guard—tackling the toughest challenges confronting our heroes.

We’re there for members from enlistment to long after retirement, and our work strengthens the entire community. Through close collaboration with Coast Guard leadership, we’re able to respond to new and emerging needs effectively. Our investments support families, bolster unit morale, honor the Coast Guard’s mission at the national level, and more.

Every day, Coast Guard members risk their lives to protect our country. When we stand together and show them our appreciation, we can ensure they remain always ready—no matter what.

Our Mission

We partner with the Coast Guard to provide resources to members and families that build resilience and strengthen the entire community.

Our Vision

We envision a world where all Coast Guard members and families are valued and have the support they need to succeed throughout their lives.

Our Values

These qualities drive everything we do to support Coast Guard members and their families.

Respectful: We honor the Coast Guard and recognize the sacrifices that members make in service to our nation.

Responsive: We act with purpose because emerging needs require a flexible approach to uncover the most efficient solutions.

Results-Driven: We establish clear goals and track progress to ensure we are always one step closer to achieving our objectives.

Compassionate: We care about and listen to Coast Guard members and families so we can develop programs that truly improve their lives.

Accountable: We uphold transparency and the highest ethical standards in our business practices to achieve the best outcomes for the Coast Guard.

Grateful: We show our appreciation to Coast Guard members and families for their heroism and mission excellence, and to the donors, volunteers, and partners who fuel our work.

Coast Guard Support

Prioritize Health and Wellness
The Coast Guard Foundation understands the realities facing Coast Guard service members, as well as the unique challenges that come with their decision to serve our country. This positions us to provide comprehensive support for members, veterans, and their families.

Prioritizing the health and wellness of the Coast Guard is crucial—not only so they remain always ready for their assignments, but so they can maintain their own physical and mental well-being while at sea or stationed in remote areas.

Focus on Family Resilience
When a Coast Guard family faces difficult times, the Coast Guard Foundation is there. We prioritize family resilience, so that members, spouses, and children have the support they need to recover.

Community Building
We celebrate Coast Guard members through our tribute events and the Run to Remember. These events take place across the country, honoring individual acts of heroism and the Coast Guard’s importance as a whole.

Empower Academy Cadets
Serving the future leaders of the Coast Guard is a key initiative for the Coast Guard Foundation. That’s why we help the Coast Guard Academy annually in support of academic enrichment, leadership development programs, and athletics. The Coast Guard Academy is a top-tier education institution, and the Foundation’s robust support allows it to maintain its competitive edge when recruiting students. This support funds academic and athletic programs at the Academy.

Support Auxiliary and Reserve Members
The Auxiliary has more than 30,000 dedicated members who volunteer over two million hours of their time every year to teach boating safety and maritime education. In return, we are proud to support their efforts with funds to assist their boating safety seminars, and equipment to support their environmental and vessel inspection operations.


Support for education is a cornerstone of our commitment to the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard and their families.

Our scholarships are one of the ways we thank our brave men and women for their steadfast service to our nation, while also ensuring their family members can afford to reach their higher education dreams.

Children of Coast Guard Members
If you are the child of an active duty, retired, or active reserve Coast Guard member you are eligible to apply. For this year’s scholarship cycle, successful applicants can expect awards ranging between $1,000 to $5,000.

For further information on availability and requirements please contact our Program Manager Sage Williams at (860) 535-0786.

When we began the scholarship program in 1990, we focused on one goal — providing Coast Guard families the opportunity to send their children to college. Since that time, the cost of higher education has sky-rocketed, making our original aspiration even more relevant for today’s Coast Guard families.

We’re proud to report our scholarship program is impacting more families than any time in our history. These scholars and are among the best and brightest displaying not only outstanding academic achievement but also the characteristics befitting of the Coast Guard’s core values.

Children of Fallen Coast Guard Heroes
A college education is the key to the American Dream, opening the door to a world of opportunities. This is why the Coast Guard Foundation’s education support is one of the most meaningful ways we show Coast Guard families we value their service, and there is no program which highlights this more than the Fallen Heroes Scholarship.

Enlisted Coast Guard Members
The Coast Guard Foundation Enlisted Education Grants began in 1999 in response to a request from service members to assist in making education more affordable for enlisted personnel. Improving themselves through the classroom gives our enlisted scholars a leg up in their careers, and helps them advance in the service.

People often assume that the G.I. Bill covers all of their schooling costs, but that’s not true. Expensive textbooks and other out-of-pocket fees can put a college degree out of reach – especially for Coast Guard members who are supporting children.

Our help make up the difference to pay for things like books, lab fees and technical equipment and opens the doors of opportunity to so many members of the Coast Guard. These men and women are the best and brightest – those who exemplify the Coast Guard’s values of honor, loyalty and dedication to service.

Coast Guard Spouses
Education support for Coast Guard spouses is an important part of what we do at the Coast Guard Foundation. Scholarships and grants for Coast Guard spouses provide opportunity for a college education, professional licensing and certifications.

Spouses who complete a degree or earn their own income strengthen families by not only creating financial stability, but through finding the sense of fulfillment, confidence and happiness that comes with personal achievement.

  • Coast Guard Foundation-Family Childcare Center Provider Grant: Thanks to the generosity of GEICO, a strong supporter of the Armed Forces that has served military customers for more than 80 years, the Coast Guard Foundation offers individual grants of $1,000 each to Coast Guard spouses establishing Family Childcare Centers in government-owned housing.
    • How to Apply: There are a couple basic requirements to qualify for a $1,000 grant.
      • Make contact with the local Child Development Services Coordinator (CDSS) in your area to start the process of becoming a certified child care provider- contact information detailed below.
      • Submit a grant application for consideration once you have received provisional certification.

How can I apply to be an FCC provider? Coast Guard spouses residing in Coast Guard-owned housing who are interested in the FCC grant may contact their local Child Development Services Coordinator (CDSS) listed below for information about becoming a certified FCC provider.

DISTRICT 1 Maura Redy 718-354-4404
DISTRICT 5 Valanda Weston 609-898-6384
DISTRICT 13 Kelly Smitherman 503-861-6242
DISTRICT 11 Renee Montandon 510 437-6662
DISTRICT 17 Jean Silva 907-487-5481 ext 6924

Coast Guard Reserve Families
The Coast Guard Foundation’s United Services Automobile Association (USAA) Reserve Scholarship provides education support to both Reservists and their family members who are pursuing higher education opportunities.

Our assistance helps to make up the difference to pay for things like books, lab fees, and technical equipment opening the doors of opportunity to so many Coast Guard families. Expensive textbooks and other out-of-pocket fees can put a college degree out of reach for many Coast Guard families, especially those who are supporting children.

We award scholarships based not only on an applicant’s financial need, but also on scholastic promise, motivation, moral character, good citizenship and leadership qualities.

Captain Ernest W. Fox Perpetual Scholarship
This application is intended for qualified active duty Coast Guard, civil service employee personnel or their dependents at the Coast Guard Aviation Logistic Center. The scholarship will be used for preparatory, collegiate, postgraduate, professional and vocational education, formal or informal training which develops the talents and potential of the beneficiary.

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